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AFib: Expert Advice to Reduce Your Risk for Stroke

Please join us for this free patient education seminar with Dr. Sajjad A. Sabir, Director of Cooper's Structural Heart Disease Program and board-certified clinical cardiologist.

AFib is the most common type of heart rhythm disorder, also known as a heart arrhythmia. The pumping of the heart is controlled by the heart’s electrical system. During AFib, the electrical signals in the upper chambers of the heart become disorganized, causing a rapid and irregular heartbeat. Over time, this can worsen the overall function of the heart, increase the risk of blood clots and stroke, and can ultimately lead to heart failure (or fluid buildup in the lungs). In fact, the average person with AFib is five times more likely to suffer from a stroke.

Dr. Sabir will discuss everything you need to know about AFib and the latest treatment options available at Cooper, including a device called WATCHMAN™. This device is placed in the heart through a one-time, nonsurgical procedure to close off a part of the heart where clots can commonly form, no longer requiring the use of blood thinner medication.

You may bring a guest, however make sure to register per person as space is limited.

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