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When Faith Collides With Fear: Grace For the Unexpected Journey

 MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper is dedicated to helping survivors live their lives after cancer to the fullest. The transition to survivorship care is a positive step that focuses on wellness, quality of life, and health promotion. The goal is to enable cancer survivors to live their lives to the fullest. All services, programs, and resources focus on meeting survivors’ needs while they live with, through, and beyond cancer.  

Hope, faith, and spiritual values are important tools that many survivors rely on to stay grounded throughout their cancer journey. Some studies show that spiritual well-being or spiritual distress can impact a survivor’s overall health. 

Join Chaplain Patti Harris, Spiritual Care Practitioner, to discuss "When Faith Collides with Fear: Grace for the Unexpected Journey." 

During this free webinar we will discuss:

  1. Finding Your Way – Understanding faith amid adverse and fearful situations. Overcoming challenges associated with grief, frustration, and the emotional rollercoaster of an unexpected journey.  
  2. Family Dynamics – Strengthening family dynamics and leveraging the support of loved ones as a unified source of strength and support throughout the journey. 
  3. Daily Bread – Recognizing the daily nourishment needed for the journey ahead: emotional resilience, spiritual fortitude, and psychological well-being.

This one-hour presentation will include a Q&A session. We look forward to you participating in this lively informal discussion sponsored by the Wellness After Cancer Survivorship program at MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper. 

Registration is required.  

To join the online webinar, a link will be sent to you via email prior to the event. 


About the Wellness After Cancer Survivorship Program at MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper: 
At MD Anderson at Cooper, a patient is considered a survivor the moment they are diagnosed with cancer, and our team is dedicated to helping survivors live their lives to the fullest throughout their cancer journey. Our Wellness After Cancer Survivorship Program addresses the physical, psychological, and educational needs of patients who have completed treatment. Click here to learn more about our Wellness After Cancer Survivorship Program and the many resources available to you. 

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