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Hot Topics in Women's Health: Breast Health Myths and Facts

Join MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper breast cancer experts for an informative webinar focused on some of the most common questions women have about their breast health.

Allison Gittens, MD, Head of the Division of Breast Imaging and Kay Yoon-Flannery, DO, Breast Surgeon and Co-Director of the Janet Knowles Breast Cancer Center, will host an informal, honest discussion covering concerns such as:

  • Dense breasts - what does this term mean and I do I need to worry if I have them?
  • Do bras and deodorants contribute to the risk of breast cancer?
  • Why do breasts need to be compressed during a mammogram and are their ways to decrease the discomfort?
  • Do breast implants increase a woman's risk for breast cancer and how do they affect mammograms?
  • Does every woman diagnosed with breast cancer need a mastectomy?
  • Are there new mastectomy techniques that can help with a more natural look after surgery?
  • How do breast surgeons work with plastic surgeons for breast reconstruction?

We will also have some time for a Q&A.  

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